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Adam Rochester

1.  Why do you train?
To feel good look good feel confident and to inspire people
I used to be self conscious I was chubby as a kid got picked on a bit. This changed my life 

2.  What is your training philosophy?
You can have results or excuses not both

3. How long have you been training for?
Since 2008 - I did it for footy.
In 2009 I got serious, I had a proper diet and my training was detailed

4. What is important to you in gym apparel?
It must fit well, look great and not hide any body parts!
For example, some singlet’s don’t sit right – the top comes right up to your traps - that sucks! And others may look good but there not comfortable to wear & who wants to train in an uncomfortable piece of clothing?

5. What do you like about Strong Lift Wear? Apart from the fact that they make awesome apparel?
Great colors, sits awesome , sizing is great not to tight or loose

6. How do you spilt your training through the week?
I have been prioritizing my calves & back a lot recently. I was been doing calves everyday like Arnold and they grew half an inch :) I also felt my chest needed a lot of work so I was doing chest and back 2x a week.
I’m current doing all body parts 2x per week to mix it up. Its pretty taxing but it works if you do it right.

Monday- Upper body heavy - Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps , Calves

Tuesday - Legs heavy - Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Abs

Wednesday - Hypertrophy - Chest & Back, Calves

Thursday - Hypertrophy - Quads, Hamstrings, Calves  + HIIT intervals, Abs

Friday - Hypertrophy - Shoulders & Arms, Calves 

Saturday - Rest - HIIT intervals

Sunday - Rest

7. What program have you found most beneficial to your growth?
High volume doing week body parts 2x a week

8. What is your favorite ‘Workout’ song?
I don’t have one I have heaps! It depends on my mood!
Usually for a big deadlift or squat or bench - anything metal ~ HateBreed, slipknot, slayer.
Or if I’m in a different mood just going for feel and squeezing hip hop ~ Eminem, jay-z, 2pac

9. What is your pet peeve at the gym?
When the weights are in the wrong spot ~ such as a 10kg next to a 12kg or you cant find an attachment / Clip
When you’re in the middle of training, really focused and some one comes to chat… then it feels like your intensity is gone

10. What rep range do you find works best for you?  

11. What is your favorite exercise?
Deadlift, because it makes me bleed!

12. What is your signature pose? 
When I’m lean - side serratus - sort of like a relaxed side shot with my arm over head.
At the moment I’m bulking so my lines have faded L so right now it would be most muscular or rear lat spread

13. If you could change one aspect of your physique, what would it be?
Get massive shoulders like Antoine Vaillant or Kevin levrone

14. How would you describe your diet? Do you follow any protocols?
I hit my protein, carbs and fats each day :)  I eat clean – Rice, oats, fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, and some cereal, yogurt & avocados.

15. How many calories do you eat when bulking or leaning? And what is your macro % split?
For my last cut I was on 3200 calories – the highest I’ve been whilst losing weight 
At the moment I’m BULKING on about 4800 calories
300 pro
600 carbs
115 fat
= Growing !

16. Dispel one myth about nutrition

17. What’s your favorite ‘junk’ food?
PIZZA ! KFC! McDonalds!  & ICECREAM!

18. Dispel one myth about training
That training over 45 minutes will make you go catabolic

19. What are you ultimate aspirations in the sport?
I want a huge fan base and following. I want to be responsible for inspiring thousands and motivating millions.
I want to be some one in this sport & make it big! Not be so serious, have fun and make people lol!

20. If you weren’t a bodybuilder, what would you be doing?
I would have loved to be a tennis player! I’m sure if I had trained this hard and dieted for it, I would have made it - I’m a very competitive person

21. Who inspires you the most and why?
I don’t have 1 single person but a few to name;
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was the ultimate inspiration, he made bodybuilding what it is today! He has a classic look - small waist and great taper.
KEVIN LEVRONE is a favorite of mine - massive delts, awesome symmetry, great muscle bellys - he had the pop like no other!  His shoulder to waist ratio was crazy 
ANTOINE  VAILLAINT has been my coach! He is very young to have achieved what he has - i look up to him as a role model & his physique is one of my favorites right now - tight waist & massive delts! Its all about the v taper 
JACO DE BRUYN’s physique is another one of my goals. The dude has a crazy physique! Small waist, dry as hell, gets crazy lean and is bigger than your normal physique competitor! More like a bodybuilder with crazy aesthetics!

22. What is the most valuable piece of advice you could give an aspiring bodybuilder?
Patience, consistency, dedication & bust your ass everyday !
Most importantly - get your nutrition sorted and eat big! None of this guessing game stuff works - if you want it you have to work for it. There’s only a few a know who can get away with eating what ever and not caring and its like 2% of the population.
I do online coaching for nutrition plans training plans email me at adamrochester@hotmail.com

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