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Logan Franklin

 1.       Why do you train? 

I train in the gym to live a healthier more aesthetic lifestyle. I want to feel good about myself everywhere I go and look good as well.

2.       What is your training philosophy?

I train with heavy weight high volume. Sometimes longer rest periods however when I’m getting ready for a competition or a photoshootI don’t rest much between sets.

3.       What are your thoughts on cardio? Do you do it? How much?

I do cardio to help increase the fat burning process. I do about 40 minutes of cardio everyday when I’m in preparation for a competition or photoshoot.


4.       What is unique about your training?

I feel like my training is unique because I switch up my exercises a lot. I don’t necessarily follow a certain plan I just do whatever exercise I feel like will target the muscle best at the time.

5.       How long have you been training for?

I have been training for 9 years now.

6.       What is important to you in gym apparel?

My gym wear definitely has to be comfortable and non restrictive! When I get a pump I don’t want my range of motion restricted due to an article of clothing. That’s why I chose strong lift wear as my only gym wear.

7.       How do you spilt your training through the week?

  • Chest/tris/abs
  • Back/bis/calves
  • Arms/abs
  • Shoulders/calves
  • Legs
  • Repeat


8.       What program have you found most beneficial to your growth?

I love training with lots of volume! Medium to heavy weight enough to push me through the workout but still aiming for a 12-15 rep range every set.

9.       What is your favourite ‘Workout’ song?

I don’t really have a favorite song or genre I just like whatever sounds good at the time and gets me going!

10.   What annoys you at the gym?

Honestly I’m not sure I pretty much keep to myself and don’t pay attention to what others are doing. I’m a professional and I need to get mine in instead of worrying about others!



11.     What rep range do you find works best for you?

12-15 reps!

12.    What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is probably cable flys, in any variation!

13.     What is your signature pose?

I’m not sure if I have one. I like all poses as long as the shot looks good I like it J

14.     If you could change one aspect of your physique, what would it be?

Probably bigger calves. I always get the “you don’t lift legs” because people only see my calves even though they are 18 inches and then they see my quads and stop talking haha.

15.     How would you describe your diet? Do you follow any protocols?

I follow whatever diet my nutrition coach writes me for the time. I eat clean year round so I stay pretty conditioned year round.

16.      What’s your favorite ‘junk’ food?

Ice cream!


17.      Dispel one myth about training

I hear people sometimes say that I overtrain which is nonsense… there is no such thing in my opinion. There is only poor diet and nutrition.

18.       What are you ultimate aspirations in the sport?

I want to be all I can be within the sport. Yes I was to win every competition I enter. But my goals go past just competing, I want to one day be a star actor in the next big movie!


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