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Shane Berland

1.Why do you train?

I enjoy the lifestyle and challenges involved. I have always had a passion for bodybuilding and training is never a chore.  I recently started competing which has further ignited my determination to consistently improve and better myself.

2.What are your ultimate aspirations in bodybuilding / training?

Ultimately I wish to get to the top of my game, and then pass on everything I have learnt and inspire others to do the same.


3.What is your training philosophy?

Mind to muscle connection. No shortcuts and enjoy the journey.


4.What do you attribute your size and conditioning to?

Hard work, dedication, a bit of genetic love and an arsenal of knowledge. 


5.What are your thoughts on cardio?

A solid diet with minimal cardio. Depending on my current goal whether it be competing or off-season.


6.What is unique about your training?

My ability to push deep into the dark place. You will know what this is if you’ve ever felt the need for crutches after legs day!


7.How long have you been training for?

Six years.

8.What is important to you in gym apparel?

Functionality and stand out appearance.  StrongLiftwear have nailed it!  I am so lucky to be sponsored by such a reputable company. Not only that, they are extremely supportive and go above and beyond for their athletes. 


9.How do you split your training through the week?

Five day split, upper body - lower body.


10.What program have you found most beneficial to your growth?

Personally find hypertrophy agrees with me the best. Compound lifts baby!


11. What is your favorite ‘Workout’ song?

Alesso vs One Republic “If I lose Myself”


12.What is your pet peeve at the gym?

Someone doing curls in the squat rack!


13.What rep range do you find works best for you?

Anywhere from 6, 8 to 12


14.What is your favorite exercise?

Dumbbell flys and conventional deadlifts.


15.What is your signature pose?

Rear double bicep or side chest

16.If you could change one aspect of your physique, what would it be?

Nothing specific, just to better myself on a consistent basis.


17.How would you describe your diet? Do you follow any protocols?

Yes, religiously.  My diet is macro based meaning I calculate and set all my protein, carbs and fat targets based on my condition.


18.Explain what ‘reverse dieting’ is and why you use it

Basically it is a very slow increase in calories after an extended period of calorie restrictions. Basically ‘reversing’ out of a diet. Ideal for those who have recently competed or have been on extreme calorie restrictive diets as your metabolism adjusts to the calorie increase.


19.How many calories do you eat when bulking or leaning? And what is your macro % split?

Bulking around 3'500 leaning depending on how I look around 2'200 - Current macro’s 385 carbs, 75 fat, 200 protein.


20.Dispel one myth about nutrition

Eating carbs after 6pm (you mad??)


21.What’s your favorite ‘junk’ food?

Sour skittles and chocolate


22.Dispel one myth about training

Training topless will not make you bigger. Lol


23.What are you ultimate aspirations in the sport?

To win Mr. New Zealand Overall and to compete and win Natural Bodybuilding Competitions.


24.If you weren’t a bodybuilder, what would you be doing?

Eating pom poms on the couch?! Seriously, I have no idea....


25.Who inspires you the most and why?

Alberto Nunez. He has an epic physique and has done it all naturally.


26.What is the most valuable piece of advice you could give an aspiring bodybuilder?

Take the journey not the shortcuts. Knowledge is key to success. Having a solid workout program and diet specific to you is essential and will take the guess work out of aimlessly going to the gym without direction - Fast tracking you to your desired goals.


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