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Stephanie Sanzo

  1. How did you get started with weight training?
    After having children I found that I couldn’t continue in my demanding job anymore.
    I decided to go back and study, I did a Personal Training course and absolutely loved it.
    Fitness became a passion I took up running and found myself running 10km a day.
    I then suffered some complications and couldn’t run anymore. Missing fitness, I shifted into the gym instead and started to focus on strength and conditioning training, from there I progressed into a more structure regime.


  2. How long have you been training for?
    I have been training in a more structured
    way for about 3 years.

  3. Why do you train? What is your ultimate goal?
    I train because my kids are honestly FLATOUT this keeps me Fit enough to deal with them! haha
    My ultimate goal is to be wonder woman. I feel like I’m already there!
    But honestly my future goal is to progress in my fitness and strength. To be consistent and patient. For me it’s not about “Winning Miss World” when I complete but more to continue to inspire and be a vision of health and one of ability.

  4. Do you also incorporate cardio? If so what type and how often?
    I do incorporate cardio, it’s not for everyone but I have gotten to know my body and what it adapts well to. I only do steady state 20mins 4 times a week.

  5. What is a typical training week for you?
    Monday- chest and triceps
    Tuesady- glutes, calves & abs
    Wednesday- back and biceps
    Thursday- quads, calves & abs
    Friday- hamstrings and shoulders
    Saturday- rest
    Sunday- rest

  6. What is unique about your training?
    Apparently I dance in-between sets and now that I think about it, that’s my unique way of getting pumped for the next set.

  7. What is your favorite body part to train?
    Shoulders for sure. Instant response.

  8. What exercise should every lady lifter include in her training regime?
    Tension Squats. Slow it down squeeze and contract.

  9. What have you found to be the most rewarding booty-building exercise?
    I’m a huge fan of Sumo Squats. Not only are you hitting your gluteus but adductors too.

  1. If you could change one aspect of your physique what would it be?
    I’m working on larger lats and delts, to even out my legs.

  2. What are your tips for people who want to train but feel restricted by busy lifestyles?
    It needs to become “apart” of your lifestyle. Waking in the morning, you know you have to make money and work, or dress and bath the kids.
    Training also needs to be a priority on your list of things to do. Set mini achievable goals, as time goes on make your goals bigger!

  3. What is your favorite motivational quote?
    “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

  4. Dispel one myth about nutrition
    “Carbohydrates make you fat.” A fear I hear very often amongst my clients.
    Carbohydrates are simply a source of fuel. Obviously continuing to eat surplus calories “makes you fat”.
  5. Dispel one myth about training?
    “Lifting light weights for high reps will, shape and tone your muscles
    When the difference between lean and bulky is the amount of body fat that surrounds your muscles.

  6. Do you count calories/macros?
    I don’t count calories. I consume a good balance of FAT|PROTEIN|CARBS and listen to my body’s signals of thirst, tired, hungry.

  7. What is your diet like?
    Pretty simple. Lean meats, loads of veggies and healthy fats
  8. Do you have a cheat meal or reefed?
    I have 1-2 refeeds a week. Depending on my training volume.

  9. What is important to you in gym apparel?
    For me it’s a pair of pants that can handle sweat. Nothing worse than looking like you’ve had an accident. If you don’t get sweaty you’re not training hard enough!! ;)

  10. What is your pet peeve at the gym?
    Hot hot days and the smell of BO and rotten feet.

  11. If you weren’t training in the gym what would you be doing?
    Formulating a fat free, carb free, sugar free Rocky Road flavored protein powder. Oh my!


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