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    Whether you’re already on the healthy eating bandwagon or not, what you eat at the start of your day matters, and here’s a little help in that area!

    Read on to know some of the best healthy breakfast foods out there that need to be on your plate (or cup) to help kick start your day on a healthy and super charged note!


    Apart from being undeniably delicious, there are several other reasons that make egg a top choice for a breakfast food. Firstly, several studies have confirmed the fact that when consumed during breakfast, eggs can keep you feeling full and reduce your calorie intake at your next meal. Secondly, eggs also give your body a good dose of many antioxidants which fight free radicals. What’s more, they’re also packed with choline that help improve liver and brain health.

    Best of all, they’re super versatile and easy to make as well!


    You may find it difficult to survive mornings without this one, and guess what? Coffee is actually a great breakfast food after all. Your morning cuppa doesn’t just help tackle brain fog but also boosts your mood and makes you more alert and perform better at mental tasks. The caffeine in coffee has also been found to help improve metabolism and stimulate fat burning- exactly what you need right?

    Plus, coffee is also rich in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body and slash your risk of diabetes and liver disease.


    A handful of nuts will give your body much more than you can imagine! Nuts may be high in calories,they are also filling, and can help you stay full for a longer time. Most of them also contain good amounts of magnesium, potassium, selenium and other nutrients that protect the heart. What’s more, they make great food toppers, which really makes them one of the best healthy breakfast foods. Add them to your milkshakes, smoothies & breakfast cereals for added crunch and flavour.- add them to your milkshakes and smoothies or even top them on your bowl of cereal.


    Both oats and oatmeal are great breakfast food choices. They’re usually ready in minutes, and packed with many vitamins, minerals and even carbs and fiber. They contain a powerful soluble fiber called beta glucan which does everything from reducing blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels to keeping you feeling full for a longer period of time.

    Best of all, having it for breakfast will make you less likely to be constipated! Top this one with some fruits and nuts to take things up a notch.

    Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are nothing less than superfoods. They are loaded with many key nutrients and are also one of the best sources of fiber- exactly what you need to start your day with! Some preliminary findings have also linked the consumption of these seeds to better blood sugar and blood pressure control. In addition, these seeds are full of antioxidants and tend to reduce inflammation in the body. You can add them to your smoothies or breakfast bowls for a nice crunch element!

    Greek Yogurt

    Greek yogurt is another protein packed powerhouse that you should consider having on your plate for breakfast. Apart from being super creamy and delicious, it also helps tackle weight gain owing to properties that encourage the release of hormones that keep you feeling full for long. Plus, it is also a great source of conjugated linoleic acid which help reduce the risk of certain cancers- but that’s not all- studies have also confirmed that having it during breakfast is a good way to get your dose of probiotics, since Greek yogurt is chock full of bacteria that keep your gut healthy!


    Most berries, particularly blueberries, are great foods to consume at the start of the day, making them one of the best healthy breakfast foods. Apart from being super sweet- which is perfect for curbing sugar cravings, they also contain many potent antioxidants that shield your body from damage. It is also believed that consuming more of these can help improve your memory and mood!

    Team them up with some Greek yogurt and you’re done!

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