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    Benefits of Weight Lifting Shoes

    Benefits of Weight Lifting Shoes

    Typically, a lifters gym essential checklist consists of a shaker bottle, pre workout, a towel and AirPods, but what’s often overlooked is our choice of footwear! Sure, you can wear those dirty and worn out sneakers you also wear to run errands and still hit a respectable squat, but if you want to take your leg day to the next level, investing in a pair of weightlifting specific sneakers is a no brainer.
    So, what's the benefit of wearing lift shoes you may ask? Let us tell you . . .

    Weight lifting shoes have a firm and flat soul that allows you to stay fully connected during the deepest squats! The sole also enhances the ability to maintain posture throughout compound lifts and lets the lifter settle deeper into squat position because the ankle has an increased range of motion! Lift shoes like Hurricane High Top Training Shoes will also offer better power transfer between your body and the floor because the flat and supportive sole offers less resistances and a solid ground to push from.

    A lifter's worst nightmare ( aside from cardio ) is injury! If you currently squat barefoot or in an old, fraying pair of sneakers then you’re doing yourself a disfavour; they’re not going to provide the support and benefits you’d get from a pair of lifting shoes!

    Hurricane High Tops feature a high top profile, adjustable ankle strap and additional insoles to provide optimal comfort and ankle support for a lifetime free of injury.

    If you’re looking to maximise strength and power, investing in a pair of weight lifting specific trainers is the answer. Designed for liters of all levels, Hurricane Training Shoes work as hard as you do.

    High quality craftsmanship and fabrics: Made from 100% genuine leather for quality, durability and strength. The high quality leather works cohesively with high performance mesh for breathability.

    Low heel: Allows for full extension to your foot, bringing you closer to the ground to maximise strength and power.


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