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    Breathing Techniques - Why The Way You Breathe During a Workout Matters

    Breathing Techniques - Why The Way You Breathe During a Workout Matters

    You’re here because you enjoy working out and pushing yourself in the gym! While we dedicate a lot of our focus on our form, reps and sets, it’s really worth investing some of your focus on the way you breath during your workout!

    It sounds simple - breathing, something you do all day, but the impact of focusing on your breathing patterns while exercising can make a world of a difference!

    Implementing the correct breathing techniques can also:

    • Reduce the amount of air you need to breathe in and out during a workout
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Improve your stamina and endurance

    Think of oxygen as your fuel ( along with your pre workout! ) The more activity and movement you do, the more your body and muscles need oxygen. The more efficiently you get oxygen to your muscles the harder and more effective you can work! Implementing the correct breathing techniques not only help lift heavier but can also help prolong endurance! Why wouldn’t you want to focus on your breathing with all of the associated benefits?

    Now that we have described why breathing techniques during a workout are important, we’ll tell you how to put them to practice!

    Rather than taking short, shallow breaths, the general rule of thumb is:

    - Inhale through your nose right before you perform the eccentric movement.                       For example: Inhale through your nose just before you begin to lower!

    - Exhale through your mouth during the concentric movement.
    For example: Exhale through your mouth as you drive up back to the starting position!

    Pro tip: When breathing in through your nose try to focus on filling up your abdominal area with air rather than your chest. As you exhale, the stomach should collapse! This will also encourage core activation which will help you perform the exercise more safely!

    With time, implementing this breathing technique will become second nature! Give it a go and feel the difference for yourself!

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