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At age 23, Calum Von Moger has won the 2014 World Fitness Federation (WFF) Mr Universe title & his first Pro Card.

Calum competed in the Extreme Body class and brought an impressive physique to the stage.

Calum Von Moger Posing at  the WFF in Korea

Pictured: Calum Von Moger Posing at the WFF in Korea

We asked Calum what he believed his key to success was and he stated...

"For me, I have no doubt that the key to my success was entirely my mindset. I was very positive and calm the whole time. I kept telling myself "whatever I do, do it with confidence and believe with all my heart and mind that it will work in my favour"

Having been training for 9 years, Calum is definitely not an 'over night sensation'. Calum's WFF prep lasted 12 months and involved disciplined training and nutrition...

"I like to focus on one big show a year and put all my energies into winning that show, in particular the WFF universe"

Calum Von Moger One Week Prior to WFF

Pictured: Calum Von Moger One Week Prior to WFF

After putting so much effort into winning the WFF Universe we expected Calum's celebrations to entail consuming disgusting amounts of fatty foods and desserts, however this was not the case...

"I didn't celebrate in traditional bodybuilder fashion by going out and eating copious amounts of delicious foods because I had been doing that for the 24hours leading up to the show. I liked to celebrate by going out and experiencing the culture of South Korea"

With a winning personality and having been dubbed 'the next Arnold Schwarzenneger', we foresee a huge bodybuilding career for Calum and wondered if he would continue to compete...

"Yes I will continue to compete absolutely! It has done so much for me and I just love the whole experience. Travel, meeting new people and doing something I'm so passionate about. Pro card means that the calibre of competition is higher now and I love a challenge so that's enticement for me to keep on top of my physique"

Calum Von Moger Training in the Platinum Series T-back

Pictured: Calum Von Moger Training in the Platinum Series T-back

Finally it had to be asked… what was the one Strong Lift Wear item he could not leave Australia without!?

"Hard question because all items were so useful. Tshirts for flights and casual outings. Hoodie was great for flight. Stringers essential for training along with shorts. So all utilized. If I had to choose one, probably shorts! Because I like short shorts"

You can check out Calum Von Mogers Athelete Profile by clicking here

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