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Lifting Straps & Wrist Wraps are an essential addition to any fitness enthusiasts workout!

Many of us struggle to find well-made, attractive straps & wraps, so we took it upon ourselves to produce the ultimate in lifting accessories!

Introducing the S|Lift Lifting Straps & Wrist Wraps!

These gym essentials are built to last.

S|Lift Lifting Straps

Pictured: S|Lift Lifting Straps

The S|Lift Lifting Straps are heavy duty. They feature reinforced stitching, velcro closure, are 25cm in length, and designed to wrap around the bar twice for the ultimate grip.

Use these when performing heavy lifts requiring extra grip i.e. during deadlift, lat pulldown, chin ups etc

S|Lift Wrist Wrap- Green

Pictured: S|Lift Wrist Wrap- Green

For those with weak wrists, or who appreciate the extra wrist support, you need the S|Lift Wrist Wraps!

Available in two colours, the S|Lift Wrist Wraps are also heavy duty with reinforced stitching, and are 45cm in length.

Use these when you need the additional wrist support i.e during chest press, bicep curls, shoulder press etc

S|Lift Wrist Wraps- Red

Pictured: S|Lift Wrist Wraps- red

To purchase the S|Lift Lifting Straps or Wrist Wraps, and to view our entire range of gym apparel visit!

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