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    Help gym wear evolve and #strongliftwear!

    We at Strong Lift Wear are tired of seeing the same merchandise-based gym apparel being mass produced, with the same uninspiring shapes, designs and slogans.

    Strong Lift Wear is on another level.

    Made to stand out from the crowd, our clothing range features custom cuts and stylish designs, produced especially for lifters. We truly believe that we are evolving gym wear, bringing innovation and functionality to the lifting scene.

    Our customers realise they deserve better and appreciate our cause, supporting the global spread of Strong Lift Wear by hash-tagging #strongliftwear on Instagram and Facebook!

    To view our customer shots visit our Instagram & Facebook pages!

    To purchase gym wear designed for lifters, and join the cause, visit www.strongliftwear.com

    @_jakito repping Strong Lift Wear @ironworks01 repping Strong Lift Wear

    #repost of Instagram customers wearing Strong Lift Wear! 

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