How do I get big arms? Nathan Roe shares his arm day routine!

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Nathan Roe has a pair of the biggest arms we have ever seen on a natural bodybuilder at only 18 years of age!

Pictured: Nathan Roe striking a front double bicep pose

We had to know Nathan's current arm day routine so when we asked, Nathan delivered!

Nathan splits his arm day training into biceps and triceps using a weight that allows him to complete the desired rep range and NO more- you should not feel like you can keep going once you have completed the rep range for a single set.

Take rest intervals of 60-90 seconds in between each set.

Nathan Roe's arm day routine:


  • Barbell curls 4X 10-12 - I like to use the SLW Arm Blaster as it really isolates the bicep producing a deeper burn
  • Seated alternating dumbbell curls 3X 10-12 
  • EZ-bar preacher curls4X 10-12
  • Cable curls or Heavy Hammer curls 4X 10-12


  • Lying triceps extensions 4X 10-15 superset with Pushdowns 4X 10-15 *REALLY BURN THE ARMS OUT! 
  • Seated triceps extensions 4X 10-15 
  • Close-grip bench presses 4X 10-12 OR body weight or weighted dips

Give this routine a shot and let us know how you go! Also, if you have any tips for arm day we would love to hear about them!

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