Lift Belts - The Ultimate Guide

Lift Belts - The Ultimate Guide

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Weight lifting belts are a common accessory used in the gym, and you've probably seen people walking around in the gym wearing one! Weight lifting belts have two purposes: to protect your back and to create more tension through your core!
A weight lifting belt is an accessory you wrap around your waist when lifting heavy. Weightlifting belts are typically made from thick leather, which tend to be more durable and last longer. Weigh lifting belts are generally thick and end with a belt buckle which can be adjusted to your liking!

What is a weigh lifting belts purpose?
Weigh lifting belts can significantly decrease the level of stress on your lower back when performing heavy lifts as the belt decreases the abdominal cavity creating pressure that provides additional support to the lower back, putting less pressure on the back while performing a lift.  
In addition to the generous support, a weightlifting belt can decrease the chances of hyper extension while performing certain lifts!

You may try a weigh lifting belt for the first time and initially feel uncomfortable. Wrap the belt around your waist while slightly holding your breath, once you have fitted and secured the buckle let yourself expand into the belt. This will help your tighten your torso and securely stabilise your back.

Benefits of weight lifting belts:

Helps prevent injury
Wearing a weight lifting belt ensures you have great posture and provides your spine with added support so you can avoid getting hurt.

Encourages muscle growth
Wearing a lifting belt can help activate certain muscles, leading to better muscle growth

Improved spinal stability
When performing lifts of any weight, a tight core is extremely important. Wearing a weight lifting belt improves spinal stabilisation by pressing on the core and encouraging the torso to tighten which then stabilises the back!

Common exercises that can require wearing a weight lifting belt:

  • Deadlifts 
  • Squats
  • Bench press
  • Overhead press

Overall, a weight lifting belt is a really important piece of equipment to carry in your gym bag. They're the perfect tool to help perform your heavy lifts safely without injuring the spine. Strong Liftwears weight lifting belts come in 4 sizes so you can easily find one that will fit you correctly and help you exert all of your force when performing heavy lifts. 


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