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    Lifting Straps & Wrist Wraps available for purchase at Strong Lift Wear

    Our one size fits all Lifting Straps and Wrist Wraps should be two regular gym accessories utilised in your training regime, and heres why:

    Strong Lift Wear Lifting Straps have been designed and hand crafted to provide you with the best in comfort, stability & security when performing heavy lifts that require secure grip i.e. deadlift, bent over row and lat pull downs

    Strong Lift Wear Lifting Strap

    Featured: Strong Lift Wear Lifting Straps

    They feature: 

    • heavy duty reinforced stitching 
    • extra wide neoprene padding and wrist support 
    • adjustable sizing with superior velcro fastening 
    • a dowel which acts as a wedge between your palm and the bar, enabling you to 'lock on'

    Strong Lift Wear Wrist Wraps are also hand crafted. They are designed to provide you with maximum wrist support and stability on your heaviest lifts.

    Strong Lift Wear Wrist Wrap

    Featured: Strong Lift Wear Wrist Wrap

    They feature: 

    • heavy weight elastic strap 
    • heavy duty reinforced stitching 
    • adjustable sizing with superior velcro fastening 
    • standard thumb loop

    To purchase these gym necessities visit www.strongliftwear.com -your workout will never be the same!

    You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you will find customer and product shots of our gym wear for lifters.

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