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    NEW Gym Shorts Coming to Strong Lift Wear

    Mannnnn are we excited to drop these bad boys!! They have taken a long time to perfect, the materials, the cut, the shape, the features and the colours are now all locked in & were expecting delivery in just a few days!! We promise these gym shorts are worth the wait! Inspired by a lack of ORIGINAL mens gym shorts, they come in a range of 6 colours, have the perfect fit and look great + they're functional! Perfect for your squats, deadlift and all round workouts! The legs are wide enough to give room for some solid quads yet are sleek at the same time. Its time to throw out your old gym shorts and make some room in the cupboard for the most Aesthetic shorts we have ever released! Our summer range of gym wear is just kicking off, we are planning to give you guys more variety in t-backs (racerbacks, y backs, etc) as well as more sleeveless hoodies, t-shirts and caps. In addition to our expanding mens gym wear portfolio, we are also very shortly releasing our range of womens lifting apparel. Our womens singlets will feature a range of 4 colours, they are light, well fitted and hug your body for the perfect lifting regime. The womens shorts line is currently available on www.strongliftwear.com - so if your a lady and you like to lift - head over and grab yourself a pair! SDC19668 Regards, Andrew - Director - Strong Lift Wear

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