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    New Gym Wear arrival's this week at STRONG LIFT WEAR!

    With summer quickly approaching in Australia, we have decided to get some new items added to our expanding inventory! Whist our current range of hoodies are great for year round training due to the light-weight material they are made from we thought we would offer our customers another, even lighter option. Landing this week will be our first range of 3 freshly designed Sleeveless Hoodies!! sleevelessfinishedredAgain, they're a little different to what you would find out there in the market already. They feature
    • Wider shoulders - were lifters.. we don't fit standard stuff.. were too big - so we widened the shoulders to allow your boulders to fit in and accentuate your taper.
    • Half zip - lets be honest, the full zip on a sleeveless makes it look like a vest and no zip is way too constrictive / takes away from the whole point of having a hoodie that can breath! The half zip is ideal + looks the business!
    • Lightweight cotton blend - a feature shared with our hoodies, the material we use is lighter and more breathable than cotton - it looks and feels better and is specifically designed to be used in sports clothing.
    • Choice of colour - for the first release we have decided on 3 colour combinations, given the response to these we will be looking to our fanbase to help us choose more!
    We're very proud of these new designs and are sure you guys will love them! But get in quick as they have been produced in limited numbers boys!! Andrew Director - Strong Lift Wear

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