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    New Gym Wear - 'The Marble Series'

    Introducing 'THE MARBLE SERIES' This is our SECOND release of a marble Taperback, our first was the SLW branded tank that was a hit with you guys so we thought we would bring you a second edition and give you some more variety as far as colour goes. These tanks are made using quite a lengthy manufacturing process in order to get the end result. They are cut and sewn then hand washed which extracts the color and gives the end result. As with all our gym wear they fenatheddyandyature a great flow, taper, cut and shape to accentuate and compliment your shape. They're specifically designed for the gym however one of the additional benefits of this series is they look great as casual wear as well! Additionally the colour contrast is great for masking sweat ;) So if your someone who works up a sweat and likes the high intensity sessions, this is a great option! Were always looking for feedback and suggestions, so if there is anything you want to discuss with us, please do! Regards, Strong Lift Wear - Gym Wear designed for lifters

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