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    Returning to the gym post lockdown - Everything you need to know!

    Returning to the gym post lockdown - Everything you need to know!

    After months of COVID-19 lockdown, it’s time to be reunited with your one true love - The gym!

    You’ve been dreaming of this moment! You’ve laid out your favourite Strong Liftwear outfit and set your alarm, eager to take your first steps into your fortress of fitness.
    After months of inactivity and quite frankly, boredom, it’s important to return the right way. Your comeback will require a fresh outlook and patience as you may feel like it’s back to square one. But fear not, here’s how you can slip back into your routine without stumbling over the first hurdle.

    Slow and steady 

    The first rule of returning to the gym; Don’t go too hard too fast. It may be instinctual to pick up those plates and stack your barbell, but you need to be conscious of the fact that your body will be more susceptible to fatigue and injury during your first few sessions back. Rather than going full throttle, use weekly training blocks to rebuild your strength, intensity and training frequency.


    Nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stretching are the foundations of a speedy recovery to refuel your body for following gym session. Be sure to give your body the time it needs to repair and recover, especially within your first few weeks back at the gym. It may be hard, but try to ditch the late night Netflix and UberEats you were so used to during iso if you're planning to optimise your return to the gym.


    The best thing you can do to make those first few training sessions more effective, is put on your headphones to eliminate all distractions to get your head in the game. Have a strict POA (plan of action)  in place so that when you arrive at the gym you feel confident and ready to smash out a session. Writing a detailed plan and scheduling your session into your day will make all of the difference.

    Training Hacks

    To get into the best frame of mind for getting back into the swing of things, wearing your favourite gym outfit can play a massive part. You’ll enjoy your return to training even more with some new Strong Liftwear threads. Let’s be real, there’s nothing more motivating than a knock at the door with a fresh, new SLW delivery. Our gym wear is designed specifically for hitting those weights and offer unrestricted movement, full range of motion while combining comfort and style. You’ll be more ready than ever to reunite with the gym.


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