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Our Lift Shorts have become essential leg-day attire and for good reason, but we wanted to design something that can be worn in cooler climates, provided more coverage, maintained functionality and supreme aesthetics. So after endless hours of designing, testing materials and sampling the final product, we are proud to introduce the Flex Compression Pant!

Pictured: Shane Berland in the Red Flex Compression Pants


  • Compression material that is moisture wicking, non abrasive and wont become see through when stretched
  • Custom design flip pocket
  • Purpose placed stitching that enhances the sweep of the quad
  • Double lined crotch
  • High quality printing

Aside from the awesome material we managed to source, we are extremely proud of the flip pocket we designed that is unique to SLW! There is nothing worse then wearing a pair of compression pants that doesn’t have a pocket to hold your phone because the manufacturer couldn’t work out a pocket design that wouldn’t look too bulky or ruin the sleek look of the pant! The SLW flip pocket has been designed to give you the option of a conventional pocket, or flipping it on top of the pant so you can perform squats and deadlifts without worrying about snapping your phone in half or having it dig in to your hip bone! The flip pocket features our signature embroidered 'S' and remains flush with the pant as you train.The Flex Compression Pants have truly been designed and made for lifters and wont leave you disappointed.

Our stringers are the perfect pair to the Flex Compression Pant… having a long torso and curved tail you wont feel too exposed and will complete your aesthetic look!

Available in Hyper or Red, get yours now from!

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