T-back vs. Y-back vs. Stringer: a Comparison by Strong Lift Wear

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After receiving numerous customer enquiries, and finding no confident explanation on the internet, we decided to provide our own description of what the difference is between a T-back, Y-back and Stringer.

Each name provides a visual cue as to what the style looks like.

T-back: The back of the top is high cut, with a thin strap of material passing from the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades, forming a t-shape. This style accentuates your shoulders, traps & upper back.

Y-back: The back of the top is low cut, with thin straps of material falling from the shoulders and forking at a lower point, forming a y-shape. This style accentuates your upper back and shoulders

Stringer: A gym tank with spaghetti straps, providing more exposure than a gym tank. The term 'stringer' is now being used generically to describe any gym top with thin straps i.e. T-back or Y-back

The skin exposure of a T-back, Y-back or Stringer allows for more efficient cooling compared to a gym tank.

So there you have it! A comparison of T-back, Y-back and Stringer styles! If you feel you have anything to add to these descriptions feel free to comment below.

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Eddy Ung bossing the Strong Lift Wear Aesthetic V2 T-back, 2014

Featured: Eddy Ung training biceps in the Luminance Aesthetic T-back

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