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    The Benefits of Lift Straps & Belts

    The Benefits of Lift Straps & Belts

    The Benefits of Lift Straps & Belts

    Any serious lifter is guaranteed to have one; a long strap dangling from their wrists and a thick belt clenching their waist. These accessories are known as Lifting Straps and Lifting Belts, and their main objective: to improve your strength and prevent injury.

    If you’re a regular gym goer, then compound lifts are probably a regular part of your exercise routine, and if you find that your back or wrists give out while performing these exercises, then investing in a pair of lift straps and a lift belt is probably what you need to take your lifting to the next level!

    The benefits of lift straps:
    Lift straps allow you to fatigue targeted muscles without your grip / wrists failing first! If you’re looking at trying to grow a specific body group, straps improve your ability to do so. 

    In one session you might go from rack pulls, to lat pull downs to rows, and eventually your grip will become weak. Lifting straps allow you use and maintain heavier weights without sacrificing form and therefore prevents injury. Wearing lift straps means you won’t be limited by your grip strength and you can continue to progress on your physical and fitness goals.

    The benefits of a weightlifting belt:

    Weight lifting belts can add huge value to your workouts! Most weightlifters won’t get under a squat rack without one of these. Weight lifting belts reduce stress on the lower back and can also prompt the lifter to consider their posture while performing heavy lifts. When you’re under a heavy load a belt can help prevent serious injury, especially to your back. So when you’re moving double your bodyweight a belt can help keep you injury free while maintaining ideal form. On top of that, a belt will force you to lift more with your legs rather than your back, therefore, you’ll notice gains and strength a lot quicker. 

    If you’re serious about lifting and want to take your strength to the next level while preventing injury and improving form, then investing into a pair of lift straps and a weightlifting belt will be beneficial to your training. They may be the most important gym accessory you’ll ever buy.

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