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    The Perfect Gifts for the Lifting Lover in your Life

    The Perfect Gifts for the Lifting Lover in your Life
    The way to a lifter's heart is through activewear, and if your other half spends their spare time at the gym, then a new pair mens gym shorts or lift shoes make for the perfect gift to proclaim your love for them! Forget the predictable perfume and gift card you’ve had on repeat for the past few years! No one can never own too much activewear, so with that being said, here are our top picks for that special someone in your life!

    Strong Tee

    Our range of mens gym tees are the perfect gift to spoil your other half. Ultra soft martials make for wear in and outside the gym and enough flexibility to allow him to tackle his workouts with focus! Available in black, gray and white!

    Lumberjacked Taperback

    A staple in any lifter's wardrobe - gym singlets! Designed for the modern lifter, our new mens gym singlets encompass all of the properties necessary to keep your partner focused on his gym goals!

    Gym Bag

    If your man hits the gym often, then a gym bag is definitely a great gift idea! We have a variety of backpacks, gym bags and duffle bags raging from $40 - $90 depending on your price range and bag preference! If you’re looking for versatility then our newest Camo Duffle Gym Bags are perfectly sized to double as travel bag with enough space to fit all of a lifter's essentials!

    Lift Shoes

    These lifting shoes are built with one thing in mind - lifting! If your other half is serious about lifting, then these are the perfect Valentine's gift to get them in the gym and defeat their PB’s!

    MeshTech Training Pants

    If your other half enjoys lounging as much as he does lifting, our mens training pants make for the perfect gift! Providing ultimate comfort from the weight section to the couch, we can guarantee your Valentine will get a lot of use out of these!

    Squat Shorts

    Offering a simple design that’s shorter length to show off his hard work, these mens lift shorts are comfortable, flexible and offer plenty of pocket space to work through his sets with ease!

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