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    The Strong Lift Wear Arm Blaster Is Back In Stock!

    Our first release of Arm Blasters sold in a matter of days, and now they are finally back in stock!

    Eddy Ung training with the black Strong Lift Wear Arm Blaster!

    Featured: Eddy Ung perform strict Barbell Bicep Curls using the Black Strong Lift Wear Arm Blaster

    There is nothing quite like the pump you get from using one of these babies!!! Strong Lift Wear Arm Blasters are an essential addition to your arm day routine, and as well as giving you a crazy pump, the benefits provided by the Arm Blaster include:

  • strict form
  • improve posture
  • isolate bicep muscle
  • provide stability

  • The Arm Blaster will have you lifting lighter weights more efficiently, as you arms will be positioned correctly improving both your form and technique.

    Aaron Curtis training with the red Strong Lift Wear Arm Blaster!

    Featured: Aaron Curtis experiencing an intense pump using the Strong Lift Wear Red arm Blaster!

    The Strong Lift Wear Arm Blaster can be used when performing most bicep related exercises including dumbbell curls and EZ-bar curls.

    Currently available in both black and red, you can purchase Strong Lift Wear Arm Blasters from www.strongliftwear.com.

    You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook where you will find the latest in bodybuilding and gym wear!

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    ali calendar_today

    Dear Sir/Madam, [Purchase department]

    We are the manufacturer of the aluminum Arms Blaster Bicep Curl Frame.

    Adjustable nylon strap
    Aluminum frame
    Helps build ripped bicep muscle
    Prevents against injury during bicep curls

    One size fits all
    Width: 9cm
    Length: 59cm

    The size and other feature can be changes on request.

    Our Managing Director is in Canada and USA until Feb 2019, He is keen to visit your office with the samples, please confirm. I shell appreciate your kind response.

    Best regards.
    Yours truly,

    Marketing Manager,
    New Pakistan Trade Center (Pvt) Ltd,
    Sialkot – Pakistan,
    E-Mail: sales@newpakgloves.com
    Web: www.newpakgloves.com

    Business appointment

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