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    Training shorts are restocked! Introducing 2 NEW colours!


    Our popular Lift Shorts have FINALLY been restocked! Whats more exciting is that we have introduced TWO NEW COLOURS! The neon orange and purple training shorts are the newest addition to the Lift Short range, and are your perfect companion wether you be needing lifting shorts or running shorts!

    The Lift Shorts feature: - in built briefs for support and piece of mind - two zip pockets to prevent your phone and/or mp3 from falling out during training - a functional length, so it doesn't look like you borrowed your girlfriends shorts - available in a range of colours

    So update your gym wear now with our latest gym apparel, and get those quads out on your next leg day!

    Check out the range of Lift Shorts plus more gym wear for lifters at www.strongliftwear.com

    You can also head to our Facebook at www.facebook.com/strongliftwear

    Or check out our latest athlete and customer shots on Instagram at www.instagram.com/strongliftwear

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