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    What is the difference between Strong Lift Wear Mid Shorts & Lift Shorts?

    We have received a lot of positive feedback from you after releasing our Mid Shorts and Lift Shorts- two training necessities with a few differences.

    Our Mid Shorts were our first release of training short, and after selling out we have recently released them with some minor improvements.

    Strong Lift Wear Mid Shorts

    Featured: Strong Lift Wear Mid Shorts

    Our Mid Shorts are perfect for both inside, and outside of the gym. They are extremely comfortable to wear and look great as casual attire! They feature: - Cotton blend material that is lightweight and non-restrictive - Complete stitched hemming - High quality embroidery - Velcro sealed pocket to prevent your phone or mp3 from falling out during training - Designed to sit just above the knee

    Strong Lift Wear Lift Shorts

    Featured: Strong Lift Wear Lift Shorts

    Our Lift Shorts were our second release of training short, and most popular. They feature: - flexi-dry material that is both non-restrictive and sweat wicking - in built briefs for support and piece of mind - two zip pockets to prevent your phone and/or mp3 from falling out during training - a functional length that sits halfway down your thigh

    Like the Mid Shorts, our Lift Shorts can also be used out of the gym. Their fabric makes them ideal for taking a swim at the beach and the fresh colours look great in summer.

    As well as being extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing, both of our shorts are easy to care for and are available in a range of colours!

    To check out our gym shorts visit www.strongliftwear.com, where you will find a range of gym wear for lifters.

    You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for customer and product shots of our gym apparel, as well as some motivational and instructional videos of our athletes training!

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