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    What is Vitamin C good for?

    Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that cannot be produced by your body and therefore must be obtained in adequate amounts from your diet.

    Vitamin C forms collagen and is responsible for the synthesis of neurotransmitter norepinephrine as well as the synthesis of carnitine.

    vitamin c

    The health benefits of Vitamin C include:

    • combats the common cold, flu and infections 
    • heals wounds - prevents cancer 
    • minimises damage caused by pollutants i.e. cigarettes 
    • eases upper respiratory infections 
    • improves immune system functioning 
    • promotes healthy blood vessel functioning 
    • reduces the risk of common diseases i.e. cancer, cataracts & heart disease 
    • assists in the treatment of hypertension, cancer, diabetes & the cold

    So apart from this, why is Vitamin C beneficial to bodybuilders? Aside from its array of positive health benefits, a high level of vitamin C suppresses the release of cortisone. Cortisone is the anti-stress hormone released during stress. It decreases testosterone and causes catabolism and is converted to active form cortisol which itself increases appetite, promotes fat storage and leads to poor blood sugar control. Supplementation with Vitamin C maintains high testosterone levels and therefore may help to maintain muscle mass and enhance training recovery, as well as minimise the negative effects associated with cortisol. As mentioned earlier, vitamin C contributes to the synthesis of Carnitine. Carnitine transports fat to cellular organelles i.e. mitochondria, converting fat to energy. Vitamin C supplementation may therefore aid with weight loss and daily energy levels.

    The RDA recommends upward of 60mg/day of Vitamin C for the average person, and 95mg/day for smokers.

    There are no toxic side effects associated with Vitamin C supplementation, however it is recommended that you do not exceed 2000mg/day as this may cause diarrhoea.

    Food Sources of Vitamin C

    Although some fruits contain vitamin C, they also contain sugar and this should be considered when adhering to a diet regime.

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