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    Whats in your gym bag?

    Whats in your gym bag?

    What’s in your gym bag? Here’s what we recommend - Our 5 piece checklist for packing your gym bag!

    Packing your gym bag doesn't have to be confusing or hard. By ensuring you have all of your gym essentials packed, you go into your session confidently, knowing you have everything to get you through a sweaty sesh. We’ve made the process simple and taken out the guesswork to make your gym experience more seamless.

    Before taking the time to pack your bag, it’s important to find yourself a gym bag designated purley for the gym and the gym only. If you plan on showering after your session, consider a bag that has a laundry compartment to separate your sweat drenched clothes from the clean ones. Opt for a gym back that has a comfortable shoulder strap and most of all, you want your gym back to have a spacious main compartment to store our list of gym essentials;

    1: Shaker Bottle

    A shaker bottle is an absolute essential! Fill it up with a mix of water and BCAA’s to keep you hydrated throughout your session. Once you’ve finished working out, refill with water and add protein powder to drink on your way home.

    2: Headphones

    We’ve all been there, rocked up to the gym to then discover you forgot your beloved headphones! Your workout just isn't the same without them! Headphones are a great way to block off the world and get you in the zone for a sweaty sesh. We suggest you keep a pair of headphones specifically for the gym only so you never have to go through a workout empty eared again.

    3: Gym Towel

    A towel is one of the best gym bag investments. A lot of gyms require you to bring a towel, and if you forget, they often charge an absurd amount for a small piece of material. We suggest a towel that is compact and fast absorbing to wipe down equipment as well as yourself. 

    4: Personal Care Items (anti covid-19)

    Heading out for dinner after your brutal leg session? Freshening up is part of a lot of peoples' post workout routines! We suggest purchasing travel size deodorants and lotions to avoid overfilling your gym bag. Some of our personal care suggestions are:

    • Deodorant
    • Spare change of clothes
    • Menstrual products
    • Hand sanitiser 
    • Body moisturiser 
    • Hairbrush 
    • Change of shoes
    • Wipes

    5: Weight Lifting Accessories

    Lift straps, booty bands and weight lifting belts are among some of the most common items found in a gym bag. These items are staples for any serious lifter and can really take your workout to the next level. 

    The important things that we really need, but usually forget:

    Packing your gym bag doesn’t need to be complicated. To keep it simple, these are the absolute necessities when making that routined trip to the gym.

    • Gym tag 
    • Wallet
    • Keys
    • Gym towel
    • Headphones
    • Drink bottle 


    In need of a new gym bag? Shop or range of durable, spacious and luxe gym bags to carry all of your personal training essentials!

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