Harlequin Mid Shorts - Men's Gym Shorts - Black

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Size S

A staple to any wardrobe, the Harlequin Mid Shorts are the perfect everyday throw on. Light composite materials that breath and stretch with you!

Whether you’re planning to hit the gym or heading out for brunch, the flexible material coupled with a simple monochrome drawcord and detailed zipper make it easy to do both. Soft fabric and a mid cut length makes them the perfect all rounder shorts. 

Be ready to take on any workout in the Harlequin Mid Short.

Product Attributes:

  •  Perfect mid length 
  •  Detailed zipper
  •  Reflective “SLW” logo
  •  Monochrome drawcords
  •  Elasticised waistband
  • Soft, comfortable, lightweight blend material

Studio model Nick is 78kg and 175cm tall.

Choose your fit!

Compression or Regular

Compression-lined gym shorts and non-lined gym shorts both offer unique benefits catered to individual preferences and needs.

Our Compression-lined provide excellent support and muscle compression during workouts, promoting better blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. The compression lining conforms to your body, offering a secure and snug fit that enhances your performance, agility, and overall comfort.

On the other hand, our non-lined gym shorts offer a more traditional and relaxed fit. They provide a breezier and more casual feel, making them versatile for both workouts and everyday wear.