Tech Compression Shorts - Black / Magenta

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Size S
Embark on a new era of performance with SLW's Compression Lined black gym shorts.
Embrace your workout with renewed vigor as the compression layer adapts to your movements, providing the support you need without sacrificing flexibility. The compression layer elevates these men's gym shorts to a league of their own, offering a dynamic fusion of breathability and comfort.
The stretchy material composition adapts to your every move, ensuring maximum flexibility and freedom of motion. Whether you're tackling an intense cardio session or pushing your limits in the weight room, these mens gym shorts are engineered to be your unwavering workout companion.
With SLW's Compression Lined Activewear Shorts, you're equipped to push through those tough sessions and beat your PB’S.


  • Four way stretch capabilities
  • Elastic waistband 
  • Towel / shirt holder at the back
  • Internal phone holder in the compression liner
  • Compression under-layer for additional support
  • New S logo branding 
  • Adjustable drawstring waistband 
  • Secure, detailed zipper pockets

Model Sizing:
Eric is 6'1 and weighs 98kg and wears a size L.

Fit and Fabric:
True to size. If you are between sizes we recommend sizing up.

Stretch Factor: 2/3 

Choose your fit!

Compression or Regular

Compression-lined gym shorts and non-lined gym shorts both offer unique benefits catered to individual preferences and needs.

Our Compression-lined provide excellent support and muscle compression during workouts, promoting better blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. The compression lining conforms to your body, offering a secure and snug fit that enhances your performance, agility, and overall comfort.

On the other hand, our non-lined gym shorts offer a more traditional and relaxed fit. They provide a breezier and more casual feel, making them versatile for both workouts and everyday wear.