Pro Grip Lifting Straps - Gym Strap - Yellow

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PRO Grip Lifting Straps - Yellow

PRO Grip Lifting straps are designed to enhance your ability to grip the bar. They're best used to assist with heavy lifts, typically during exercises like deadlift, bent over row, lat pulldown, one arm row etc and are basically an essential for any back day if you like to push your lifting limits!

We have opted for the highest quality materials at a great thickness to ensure durability.

Our straps feature:

  • Pro grip rubber printing - tuff and durable rubber print that enhances your grip on the bar
  • Velcro closure, incredibly convenient and massively underutilized - forget the figure 8's these dont need to be adjusted once tightened and they stay on your wrist so you can spend more time lifting.
  • High density, THICK cotton / nylon body & strap
  • Straps are 25cm long and wrap around the bar twice for a secure grip.
  • Reinforced, double stitching - these wont break!
  • Wrist padding to ensure comfort.
  • S| LIFT branding
  • One size fits all


Please note: Lifting Straps are designed to increase your gripping strength and should not be used to carry the entire load of the weight.