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The Strong Lift Wear Story

Having spent a few months cutting and slicing up his street apparel in an attempt to make it more suitable for lifting now Director Andrew Coleman had a lightbulb moment which triggered a question that needed an answer... Who is making gym apparel for OUR market, people who go to the gym to lift weights? We hadn't seen an innovative or modern piece of clothing make it into a gym since Arnold was wearing t-backs in the golden era, why? There was literally NOTHING for us to choose from (that is of course unless you wanted to sweat into your casual clothing or wear some circus pants).

The seed was planted. During weeknights and weekends (whilst operating in a full time Senior role within Finance) Andrew developed the concept of Strong Lift Wear, he carved out initial paper patterns for the unique tapered shapes and and put the wheels in motion for the website and sales channels. 

Strong Lift Wear was born. We hit the ground running and formally launched into the market on the 16th of October 2012 as a brand, shortly after our products started to hit the shelves of the internet!

As a business entering uncharted waters and having no benchmarks innovation was key was the key for our brand. Our direction has always been very clear - INNOVATE and deliver to customers the best 'Lift Wear' in the market. As a result,  Strong Lift Wear apparel has been built from scratch from the round cut & extended tail of our T-back singlets, to the embroidery on our shorts.

From humble beginnings, working out of a small shared apartment the product lines, reputation and brand started to grow.

Where we are today.

Strong Lift Wear has come a long way over the course of the last 7 years. Seen as one of the worlds premier lifting apparel brands, we now cater for a large, rapidly growing consumer base around the world operating out of 2 international warehouses. We have an amazing team of support staff and a large network of influencers assisting in our continued growth. We have one of the worlds largest ranges of gym apparel for both men and women and plan to continue to expand further into both lift and active wear.

Follow Director Andrew Colemans story and the Strong Lift Wear as it continues to evolve on instagram - @stronglifter

Strong Lift Wear is an Australian based and owned business.

ABN: 24 169 220 160