Strong Lift Wear is driven by innovation - not just in its unique hand tailored cuts and shapes but also its materials. We search the marketplace for the most advanced sports materials currently available anywhere in the world and bring them straight to your door.

Current Technologies




Propietry Treated Cotton

Cooltech material in its most basic form is exceptionaly high quality, fine woven and treated cotton. What makes this material look and feel so fantastic is the way its created - through a highly controlled and extensive manufacturing process. The manufacturing process results in a highly absorbent, cooling, comfortable and hardy wearing cloth that is unlike anything else you will find on todays market.




Polyester, Acrilic and Spandex

This material is simply amazing. It combines all the features and benifits of cooltech material yet this polyester blend is also highly flexible, appears shear and screams quality. Its moisture absorbent, fitting nature means that it is the ultimate gym material and as a result our product line continues to expand around its usability. If you've never tried any of our FreeFlex products, do yourself a favour and grab one! We promise you wont be dissapointed.


As our innovation though these areas continues, we will look to bring more and more options to you, the consumer. Feedback is very important to us, if you have any suggestions on other materials on shapes you would like to see, do not hessitate to contact us directly to voice your opinion.




Andrew Coleman - Director