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    4 Tips to Get Motivated For a Workout

    4 Tips to Get Motivated For a Workout

    Have you ever started an exercise program to then quit? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. In fact, we’ve all been there. And for most of us, finding the motivation to workout is getting harder and harder given certain circumstances . . . You know what we’re talking about. The garage, spider web infested shed, study or outdoors has become the new “gym” for most of us, and not being able to leave the house can make it unbelievably hard to build up the motivation to tackle a workout. Here are 4 tips to increase your motivation and lift some weights ( or pets, tins of beans or large water bottles )

    1: Set your goals / intentions for the day
    Planning gives you a sense of control and clarity. Knowing what your day consists of ahead of time will alleviate stress and rushing around, plus, you’ll feel great being able to physically tick the completed tasks off your to-do list. Writing a simple task list from highest priority to lowest priority will provide guidance and direction to ensure you complete whatever needs to be done. We suggest writing your to-do list daily, however if your week is unlikely to have unexpected change, feel free to write your to-do list / intentions /goals for the next 5-7 days.

    Try asking yourself these questions:

    - What do I want to achieve

    - Why do I want to achieve it

    - How will achieving this make me feel

    This will lead to a sense of excitement and determination! These questions are also a really great thing to fall / look back on when motivation gets low.

    2: Join forces
    Don’t keep your goals secret, you’d be amazed at how much support you get from family and friends when you open up about what you want to achieve. You may also find that family, friends or co-workers would like to join you which is a great way to keep one another accountable. For those of us who feed off other peoples encouragement and energy, having additional support is a really great way to get you out of your bed in the morning.

    3: Make it enjoyable
    Find styles of training / exercises you enjoy and then vary your routine to keep it interesting. There's nothing more motivating than being active in ways that you actually enjoy. Exercise doesn’t have to revolve around the gym either, check out yoga, pilates or even take up swimming, and remember, working out doesn't have to be boring.

    4: Reward yourself
    After each workout, take a few moments to enjoy the good endorphins. This form of internal reflection can really help you commit to long term exercise and activity. Tangible rewards are a great way to work toward goals and stay motivated. When you’ve achieved a long term goal, treat yourself to a new pair of lift shoes or activewear.

    So, write down your goals, plan your week, put on your favorite activewear and give our four tips to try to get motivated.

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