Arnold Schwarzenegger Undercover at Golds Gym

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Bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger recently performed a stunt to raise awareness for his After School All-Stars charity, which provides year-round, educational after-school programs.

Donors to the charity get the chance to spend the ULTIMATE day with Arnie in Los Angeles, including a tank ride and post-cruise cigar!

Arnold Schwarzenegger 2013

Featured: Arnie still has hit! Flexing those iconic bicep peaks!

The stunt involved Arnold Schwarzenegger disguising himself as 'Howard'- a trainer turned regional manager at Golds Gym Venice beach, California.

Arnie lent his training tips telling gym goers to "do 10 reps of everything" including drinking water, and exclaiming that "this is Golds Gym not a baby gym".

Arnolds efforts to remain unnoticed where laughably unsuccessful, with gym enthusiasts recognising him instantly!

You can check out the footage by clicking on the link below, and you can check out our gym wear for lifters at!

Arnold Schwarzenneger Charity Stunt 2014

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Happy lifting!

Arnold Schwarzenegger During his Prime!

Featured: Arnold Schwarzenneger in his golden days!

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