Gym Shorts | Gym Singlets | Apparel - The best gym wear in Australia is landing this week

Great news lifters! Today is a big week for the evolution of Gym Apparel through Strong Lift Wear!! Were expecting to land this week our mens lift series shorts - which are unreal! AND our womens tanks, which have been a very long time coming! They're a very aesthetic range that has been in production now for quite some time! Come to to check them out over the course of this week! We will be updating everyone via social media and be putting up promotions to assist with the launch / get the word out there! Just reiterating that we are also again looking for female lifters that would like to represent the Strong Lift Wear brand within the social media space. There is a sponsorship up for grabs right now, so if your a girl who loves to lift and loves quality gym wear - let us know! We would love to hear from you. At this stage you would be repping our gym shorts and gym tanks! womenn regards, Andrew - Director - Strong Lift Wear

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