The Benefits of Including Squats in Your Leg Day Routine

The Benefits of Including Squats in Your Leg Day Routine

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Your legs allow you to engage in various active habits such as weightlifting, swimming, running, and of course, walking. This is why it is understandable that the legs possess the largest muscle groups in your body namely:

  • The hamstrings: the muscles at the back of the thighs
  • The quadriceps or the muscles in the thighs
  • The Gluteus Maximus, which are the buttock muscles

Given that your legs help with all this activity, you might assume that you are working out your legs sufficiently on a daily basis. However, you still need to devote a couple of days in your week to a fitnessroutine to work on the lower body or leg days. 

Leg day is essentially a day of the week dedicated to working on the leg muscles. Even though plenty of bodybuilding beginners and experts can benefit from a full-body workout, most advanced and intermediate weightlifters choose to have individual workouts for each muscle group on different days. This allows them to work these muscles to the point of fatigue more efficiently and thus, they can see the effects quicker. Squats are a staple in any leg day routine and they are a favourite among athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifters because they are very effective. Squats help to build a much stronger lower body while providing additional physical benefits such as better flexibility and enhanced hormone release. 

However, if you want to gain the full benefits of this exercise, you need to make sure you wear the right gym wear and maintain proper form. Wearing proper gym apparel for squats such as specified lift shorts offers various benefits including breathability and sweat wicking properties. This will keep you dry and cool and promote comfort during your weightliftingsession. Wearing comfortable lift wear allows you to direct your attention towards the workout instead of being self-conscious and affecting your performance negatively. Proper active wear also offers an excellent range of exercise motion for you to finish your workout effectively. 

Squats provide several benefits when added to your leg day fitness routine as follows. 

  1. Enhancing Posture

A body weight squat or a weighted squat engages your upper back muscles and allows you to stabilise your entire body via the movement. This is what makes the muscles used for posture much stronger. 

  1. Toning and Strengthening your Core

Weighted squats help your core in stabilising your body whilst performing the range of motion. The core muscles will be engaged all through giving rise to a flatter and stronger stomach. Additionally, a solid and strong core will also reduce the risk of any injury. 

  1. Enhancing Joint Mobility

Squats are good for increasing the range of motion in your joints i.e. the ankles and hips and this can reduce knee and lower back pain. It is very effective and safe for improving your mobility without putting a strain on your joints. 

  1. Defining Your Butt and Legs

Squats are best for targeting the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps and they are very effective for building lean muscle fast to give toned and tight limbs. 

  1. Increasing Your Body’s Power and Strength

They can build power and strength in the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. This move also boosts your hip extension power, which is good for increasing your vertical jump. Squats activate your muscle-building hormones, which are beneficial for strengthening the whole body. 

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