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    The Best Gym Bags For Lifting and Beyond

    The Best Gym Bags For Lifting and Beyond

    The best gym bags are designed for more than just the gym!

    At SLW, functionality is paramount. Sure, it's standard for a gym bag to have an additional shoulder strap, spacious and attractive, but when it comes to it - you need a gym bag that works as hard as you do at the gym, that is durable and stands the test of time. Our multiple compartment gym bags also second as a sleek travel bag or light weight carry on bag - offering plenty of space to keep your sweat drenched clothes seperate from the rest.

    An easy access pocket is a must to store your water bottle, gym tag or passport, and a few internal keep safe pockets come in handy as well.

    So if you're an avid gym goer, or rush to work after getting a morning sweat session in, it's worth getting acquaint with a reliable with a high quality and reliable gym duffle or tracking down the right one for your routine. Lucky for you, we have just the right gym bag for your workout and travel requirements.


    Camo Duffle Gym Bag:
    If you hit the gym regularly, this is the bag for you. Made with water repelling technology, we can guarantee your air pods and all important SLW threads are protected if you have a protein shake spillage ( we've all been there ). Encompassing a large main compartment and a delegated wet / laundry compartment, stow away your sweat drenched activewear to keep everything organised. The attractive camouflage print accompanied with black and red stripe detail allows this gym bag to act as a travel bag also. Completed with super comfy carry handles and additional shoulder strap.


    Carbon Fibre Gym Bag:The gym bag that will make your gym sessions more convenient - the Carbon Fibre Gym Bag is engineered to carry every gym essential you own, from lift straps to weight belts. Throw everything into this easy to carry gym bag and keep your pockets free while training. Carried comfortably due to padded carry handles and offering a secure space to keep the important things. Wether you're heading to the office after an early morning gym session or heading away over the weekend, we can guarantee you won't run out of room.


    Ready to get into workout mode? A new gym bag could be all of the motivation you need!


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