We’ve all heard the popular phrase before, but what are the benefits of IIFYM and how does it work? If it fits your macros (IIFYM) is a flexible diet that focuses on staying within the macronutrient goal (protein, carbohydrates and fats). IIFYM has been known to be more effective than other diet trends because of its consistency and doesn’t restrict what you eat!

Depending on the individual’s body type, lifestyle and goals, everyone will have a different macronutrient target so calculating the macronutrient breakdown is critical. However, like with any diet there are advantages and disadvantages and whilst this may be effective for some, it won’t work for everyone.

To find out the pros and cons of IIFYM and whether it’s right for you, then keep on reading:


No foods are off limits

There are three macronutrients – fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Following an IIFYM diet means eating a certain amount of each macronutrient per day. According to the USDA, a typical consumption would be 40-50% from healthy carbs, 30% protein and the remainder from healthy fats. Beyond maintaining the set amount of calories to consume, there are no other rules so no foods are off limits!

Adherence and sustainability

By incorporating a wide variety of foods according to your personal preferences without cutting out anything, you are far more likely to adhere to your diet. When you are in control of choosing the foods you consume, your ability to follow the plan increases. Tracking your energy intake without food restriction is a far more sustainable means of ‘dieting’ and this is especially the case for fat loss. However, an IIFYM diet must incorporate balance and moderation for long-term success.


Not consuming right amount of nutrients

One of the biggest critiques of IIFYM is indulging in the wrong foods that are full of ‘empty’ calories that contain little to no nutritional value. These include processed foods containing high amounts of fat, sugar and salt. Not only do you lose essential nutrients by eating this way, you’ll also be left feeling drowsy, hungry and can even lead to weight gain.

With such a focus on macronutrients, other things like fibre, vitamins and minerals are left out. These micronutrients should also be included in your diet as they provide you with energy, boost your immune system and may prevent certain diseases.

Socially isolating and exhausting experience

Because IIFYM requires you to stay calculated and maintain your calorie deficit, it can sometimes be an exhausting and socially isolating experience. Followers of IIFYM can often find it difficult to maintain their caloric targets in social events. They can also become fixated on reaching the targeted amount of their macronutrients, which can make them feel isolated from their peers and those around theme. This can lead to individuals feeling disappointed when they do not hit their desire amount.

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