What is the best way to train calves? Strong Lift Wear Training Tips!

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Do you train your calves?

How many times a week?

Do you push through to failure?

The reason so many find it hard to develop their calf muscles is because unlike other muscle groups, they are not used in compound movements.

For example, performing a lat pull down on back day will also target your biceps. However performing a deadlift or squat will not hit your calves!

Your calves need to be specifically targeted and worked! If you don't hit them individually, then start!

At Strong Lift Wear we recommend training calves twice a week for noticeable growth. If you recover quickly after training them, go harder and more frequently. A great calf exercise as carried out by Eddy Ung are calf raises performed on the hack squat machine!

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Aaron Curtis 2013 repping Strong Lift Wear

Featured: Aaron Curtis flexing those calves!

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