What is the Difference Between a T-back and a Taperback?

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Since our post T-back vs. Y-back vs. Stringer: a comparison by Strong Lift Wear, we thought it was only right that we educate our followers of the difference between a T-back and our custom Taperback shape.

You will remember from our previous post that a T-back has a high cut back, with thin strips of material passing from the base of the neck, and between the shoulder blades, to form a t-shape. You will also remember the areas it shapes and accentuates.

Eddy Ung 2014 repping Strong Lift Wear

Featured: Eddy Ung demonstrating the White Royal T-back

The Taperback is a custom shape to Strong Lift Wear, and is the product of countless hours designing and redesigning the perfect gym top.

The Taperback has a scoop front similar to the T-back to accentuate the chest, however the back of the top is more conservative.

The great thing about the Taperback is because of its modest design, it suits all body shapes and sizes without compromising style or functionality. The Taperback comes in a range of styles and won't stop you from throwing your weights around at gym and then running to the supermarket for some chicken and broccoli!

Eddy Ung wears Strong Lift Wear Marble Taperback and Lift Shorts

Featured: Edy Ung demonstrating the Green Marble Taperback

To check out our range of T-backs & Taperbacks head to www.strongliftwear.com were you will find an epic range of gym wear for lifters.

You can also visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to see customer and product shots of our gym apparel!

Happy lifting!

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