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    What is the right training program for you?

    With such a wide variety of training techniques out there, selecting the right training program can be tough. For example, how many days should you train? 6 days? 5 days? 3 days? Should you split you workouts in to training upper body and lower body? Or would full body workouts be best? With so many options many people are left confused, changing from program to program and not making the progress they desire. Today I will discuss what I regard to be the 3 most important factors when it comes to designing or selecting the right training program for you. 

    1. Enjoyment

    The best program for you is one that you enjoy, as this is the one you will be consistent with. I would in fact regard enjoyment as being the single most important factor when developing a workout plan for a client. With consistency the client will make progress rather than stalling or taking steps backwards from hopping between programs. Once an enjoyable workout plan has been created there are several basic factors that must be addressed.

    Pictured: Shane Berland in his current off-season condition

    2. Progressive overload

    Gains in both strength and hypertrophy are made by progressive overload. This technique is about constantly challenging your body and involves increasing training volume (volume x intensity) over time to force adaptation upon the body. The training program must be tailored to force this progress and periodisation is a great way of doing this.

    3. Periodisation

    Periodisation is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training with the aim is to reach peak performance by a certain time i.e. a competition date. It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period and should be laid out in some way to ensure continued progress over time. There are many forms of periodisation including linear, nonlinear and daily undulating periodization (DUP). The style of periodisation should be tailored to the individual; determined by the age and goals (specificity) of the trainee. For example, daily undulating periodization is excellent for individuals who have more than one training goal. The training program is laid out in a fashion where the trainees volume and intensity will vary day to day and this allows them to reap the benefits associated with each rep range used (strength, power, hypertrophy and endurance). Whether it is in the form of linear, non-linear or daily undulating periodization (DUP) the goal is the same... to increase training volume (volume x intensity) over time.

    Pictured: Shane Berland performing hanging leg raises

    If you would like to know which training program would be right for you head to shaneberland.com! Shane is a qualified personal trainer and successful bodybuilding competitor who can help you with diet plans, training programs and VIP coaching.

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