What size am I? Strong Lift Wear Lift Shorts!

We get a lot of questions from customers asking us what size they would be in our Lift Shorts- so we decided to develop a size guide!

Firstly you should know that our Lift Shorts are made of a flexible material, so they stretch when performing movements such as squat and deadlift.

Furthermore they are moisture absorbent, a must when it comes to gym shorts!

To ensure maximum comfort (and reduce paranoia) they also have inbuilt briefs, and are the perfect length so you can show off your quad development without looking like you stole your girlfriends hot pants!

The size chart for our training shorts is as follows:


To give you further assistance, the approximate standard sizing for each size is:

SMALL: 30, MEDIUM: 32, LARGE: 34, XL: 36

Aaron Curtis wears hyper yellow Lift Shorts

Featured: Aaron Curtis looking shredded! Wearing the Hyper yellow Lift Short

If all else fails, our training shorts have a drawstring so you are able to adjust the size. This is especially important when your weight fluctuates between on & offseason dieting.

So if your ready to purchase some Lift Shorts head to our website www.strongliftwear.com were you will find a range of gym wear for lifters!

You can also check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for customer and product shots of our gym apparel.

Happy lifting!

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