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    Whats to come from SLW - Gym Wear for lifters (ALL lifters ;) )

    Hi All!!

    We're keen to keep you guys updated with our progress and give you an idea of whats to come form us in the next few months, we have been receiving some great support and positive feedback recently which is fueling the intensity in which were trying to get new products out! Gym Wear on our side is evolving quickly and were keen to be leaders in the field within a short time-frame!

    Female Lift Range! Well - after the numerous times we have been asked, we have been prioritizing the release of a female range - we will be leading off the range with some great singlets ( T-Backs / Y-Backs ) and shorts! Given the summer weather upon us across Australia, we thought it fitting! Get ready ladies, were also going to be looking for female ambassadors for our brand, so please feel free to start contacting us and stating why you would like to partner with SLW!

    The female logo -


    Director - Strong Lift Wear

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