Where to buy sleeveless tees? Strong Lift Wear!

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The sleeveless tee is a gym essential, worn by bodybuilding icons such as Phil Heath, Kai Green & Dexter Jackson!

Aaron Curtis training biceps in the black Sleeveless Tee

Pictured: Aaron Curtis training biceps wearing the Black Sleeveless Tee (& Hyper Yellow Lift Short)

Features of the sleeveless tee that make it great for the gym include:

  • minimal exposure; it can be worn during on and off season training
  • sleeveless style places focus on the bicep
  • loose fit ensures comfort

    Eddy Ung repping the red Sleeveless Tee

    Featured: Eddy Ung wearing the Red Sleeveless Tee

    Additional features custom to the Strong Lift Wear Sleeveless Tee include:

  • a fashionable design that is transferable from the gym to the street
  • a collar that is relaxed and non-restrictive
  • a great length suitable to most body shapes
  • made from cotton; our Sleeveless Tees are easy to care for!
  • available in 4 colours

    We have also designed a Sleeveless Hoodie that looks great for warming up at the gym and as casual attire!

    The Strong Lift Wear Sleeveless Hoodie features:

  • a tapered cut
  • embroidered design
  • piping to enhance muscularity
  • easy to care for
  • available in 4 colours

    Shane Berland looking boss in the electric Sleeveless Hoodie

    Featured: Shane Berland wearing the Electric Sleeveless tee (& Black Lift Shorts)

    Both the Strong Lift Wear Sleeveless Tee & Sleeveless Hoodie can be purchased online at www.strongliftwear.com!

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