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    Three Common Mistakes Everyone Makes When Beginning Their Training

    Three Common Mistakes Everyone Makes When Beginning Their Training

    When it comes to working out, all of us have to start somewhere, but eventually, we learn the basics. We begin to understand gym etiquette, how to use the machines, and where our limits lie.

    However, even once you are a seasoned gym bunny, there are still a few rookie errors you can make that sabotage your progress and leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed with yourself. Here, we look at three of the three main mistakes that people make when they start out on their fitness journey to avoid them - beginner or not.

    Overwhelming yourself

    Probably the biggest mistake anyone makes when it comes to fitness is overwhelming themselves. While, understandably, you want to push yourself to do the very best that you can, doing too much and going beyond your limits is only going to leave you feeling annoyed and possibly injured.

    Not tracking  

    When you first start out or switch up your gym or bodybuilding routine, it is important to track everything - the times you spent doing particular exercises, the machines that you used, the weights you lifted, the number of reps you did - everything. That way, if you don’t see the progress you were hoping to see or see some unexpected results, it is easier to work out its root. 

    Not having a plan

    Without a plan, you will find yourself wandering aimlessly around the gym, floating from one machine to another. You will never get the physique that you are after by doing this because you have no purpose or foresight and will just end up wasting valuable time. Make sure you find a program that works for you - and stick to it.

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