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    Why you should consume coffee more often!

    The health benefits of coffee are widely advertised and indeed caffeine is a common ingredient found in most pre-workouts, but what exactly are the benefits to lifters? We have listed four reasons why you should consider consuming more coffee!

    Pictured: SLW athlete Eddy Ung 

    1. Coffee increases adrenaline in the body which in turn increases your energy levels and performance
    2. It also increases the release of endorphins which raises your mood and makes training more enjoyable
    3. Coffee stimulates the CNS to increase your tolerance to pain and reduces perceived exertion helping you train harder & better!
    4. Polyphenols found in coffee, particularly in coffee supplements, have been found to increase fat oxidation aiding in fat loss and may help you on the path to becoming shredded!

    Modern studies have dispelled the myth that coffee causes dehydration, so with very few negative effects you may as well give coffee supplementation a go if any of the above benefits appeal to you!

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